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Is SoGiv A Non-profit Organization?

Yes, SoGiv received it's 501(c)(3) status in 2011 and is recognized as a non-profit organization by the IRS. All charitable donations are tax deductible.

What's Your Cause?

Allowing people the option to choose their cause rather than being told their cause is how we separate ourselves from the rest. It's also how we're Changing The World Through A Shoe, because the world is filled with many causes. Everyone has a cause, rather directly or indirectly and we like to bring awareness and donate proceeds towards whatever that cause is. Footwear and apparel that is not created through strategic partnerships allows supporters to choose where they're proceeds will go, which can be selected from the drop down list of causes from our site at checkout.

What Percentage is Donated to the Cause?

20% - 100%
100% if through a strategic partnership in support of a specific mission. i.e Mid-South Food Bank, Down Syndrome, etc.
20% from SoGiv Awareness Footwear & Apparel that is not a direct partnership with another charitable organization.

What if You Don't See Your Cause via our Website?

Suggest it. We're always open to considering new causes, and as long as there is a vetted organization doing the work in support of that cause we will consider adding it to our list. We currently support 20 causes at SoGiv and are open to more everyday.

How Do We Choose Who Receive Proceeds?

We select credible 501(c)(3) organizations who we believe exemplifies great work in support of their mission.

What Organization's Benefit From SoGiv?

Organizations are selected daily as to who will become beneficiaries of our work.
For example we adopt different inner-city schools each year to be recipients of our seasonal coat and toy drives. The 2016 drive was in partnership with participating Banana Republic retail stores in Memphis, TN. People were able to donate a new-unwrapped toy or a new or slightly used coat and receive 10% off their purchase.

How Do We Select Recipients of SoGiv-ing?

The average household income of the children we serve is less than $10,000. Our newly adopted school of Larose Elementary in Memphis, TN average house hold income is less $7,000 per year and benefitted from our 2016 Coat & Toy Drive. This is were we feel we can make the greatest impact with our work, not only in Memphis but across the U.S.

How Does It Work?

Through strategic partnerships we create awareness shoes that enables 100% of the proceeds to be donated to the partnered organization in support of their mission.

How Do You Partner?

By selecting the Contact Us tab on the home page to submit your inquiry and a team member will contact you within 24 hrs to discuss the many ways of SoGiv-ing through a shoe.

The Transparency of SoGiv-ing

We believe in giving locally to allow you to see the physical impact you’ve made through your charitable contribution or buying our products. Giving to low income areas facing economic hardships across the U.S. is indeed one of our strongest assets and how we measure impact through what we like to call The Transparency of SoGiv-ing. Ensuring you that your charitable donation actually went towards the greater good of the cause you are supporting.

How Does One Pair of Shoes Provide 150 Meals?

Our Hunger Awareness Shoe created in partnership with the Mid-South Food Bank provides 150 meals. For every $1 donated to the Food Bank is equivalent to 3 meals x’s a $50 shoe purchase is how we creatively fit 150 meals into each pair SOld, SoGiv.

Can I Write Off My SoGiv Awareness Shoe Purchase?

Yes, because where else in the world can you buy a pair of shoes and write it off? SoGiv is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which means all of our awareness products (footwear & apparel) are tax deductible. You’re essentially making a charitable donation when you purchase our awareness products.

Where Are SoGiv Shoes Made?

SoGiv shoes are manufactured in China.

What Is The Canvas Shoe Called?

The current canvas shoe that we produce is called an Espadrille. The design originated in the early 60's and with it's recent resurgence over the past few years has become one of the trendiest and most frequently used shoe designs in the fashion industry. Much like the high heel or wingtip style shoes where everyone has their own version, we have ours. Of course being in the fashion industry we have to stay up with the latest trends to make sure we're always putting our best foot forward.

Is SoGiv And TOM’s The Same?

No. SoGiv is a non-profit shoe design company and TOM’s is a for profit shoe design company. Additionally we have cause specific shoe designs that we create that not only raise awareness, but provide proceeds towards worthy causes. We’re completely into Changing The World Through A Shoe. Period.