The Mission

SoGiv is the world’s first non-profit shoe design Co.
dedicated to using shoes as pathways for philanthropy,
volunteerism, and charitable causes.

Our Impact

Provided To Families Facing Food Insecurities Through A Shoe

Donated to Children in Need

Introduced to Educational Initiatives

The Vision

SoGiv has adopted twenty causes, each of which receive 100% of the proceeds generated through each shoe sold. Each SoGiv shoe design reflects an organization’s logo and promotes their mission through fashion and branding. Most importantly our shoes seek to raise awareness and inspire volunteerism for the causes that impact the greatest needs in the cities we serve.
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The Mark

The trademark Continent 2 Continent logo represents the entire world racing towards what we all believe is a finish line. i.e cures for diseases, hunger relief, etc.

*Each SoGiv shoe features the signature mark, serving as an educational design to creatively teach children their seven continents through a shoe.

The Band's Back Together

SoGiv selects Awareness Ambassadors from each cause to represent the signature shoe. Featured in the photo above from L to R are Down Syndrome Awareness Ambassadors Jamila Morrow, Edward Bogard, and Laurie Hobson better known as The Cool Blue Crew.
*Inspired by the SoGiv Cool Blue DS Awareness shoe.
Awareness Ambassadors


SoGiv initiatives range from teaching inner-city kids how to code to giving warm coats to families in need.
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The Founder

Edward Bogard is the Philanthropic Designer/Founder and CEO of SoGiv; the world's first non-profit shoe design company. SoGiv embraces charitable causes around the world by designing limited edition shoes that bare their logo and mission. His shoes create new pathways for philanthropy, volunteerism, and accelerate the impact organization's can make in their local communities and beyond.
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What's Your Cause?

Tell us your cause at info@SoGiv.org and a team member will contact you within 24 hrs to discuss the many ways of SoGiv-ing through a shoe.
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